It’s no secret that I love Prague. It’s definitely one of my favorite cities, and probably one of my favorite cities in the world. On our most recent visit, we happened to be in town for Carodejnice, or Witch Burning Day. April 30th is a huge day in the Czech Republic. To celebrate the end of winter, Czechs join in the ancient practice of burning a straw “witch” with a giant bonfire. Before the actual burning, there’s plenty of food, games, and of course beer and wine. There were even games for kids, which Lily loved.

We also spent time walking around the old city, which never gets old. It’s truly magical. One of my favorite things to do is walk around the sights at the top of the hill, and look down at the gorgeous old buildings and iconic landmarks.

We spent some time checking out new restaurants as well, including some great places in our Karlin neighborhood. Our friends invited us for a lovely afternoon into evening, filled with great food, wine and laughter. Our two girls had the best time bouncing from playground to playgrounds. All in all, Prague was incredibly fun yet incredible short. I can’t wait to return.