Taipei is one of my favorite cities in Asia. That’s saying a lot, because so many of my favorite countries and cities are on that continent. It’s absolutely one of the most underrated cities in Asia. While part of me would like to keep it that way and continue to navigate Taipei without throngs of tourists, it’s just too good not to share.

On our first visit a few years back, we were blown away by the food. This time was no different. There’s something delicious around every corner, and we are rarely (if ever) disappointed. We went back to some of our old favorites, like Din Tai Fung. For the most part though, we made an effort to branch out and try new things.

Fried chicken on the street was perfection. We noticed a little line in one of our favorite shopping areas. The chicken was more than worth the five minute wait. It was fresh, hot and delicious. We found a great juice bar in the same neighborhood, where Lily felt obligated to show off some moves.

Our favorite discovery though, was Addiction Aquatic Development. Part fish market, part sushi bar, part grocery, part wine shop…Addiction is a great place to spend an afternoon. We started by checking out some of the fresh fish for sale. Lily especially loved seeing the fish swimming in their tanks.

There was a wait for the sushi bar, so we started with wine and cheese. The accommodating staff brought our wine and cheese selections to our table when our number came up. The sushi was very good overall. Something about the shrimp was…off, but beyond that we enjoyed our meal. I’d absolutely suggest visiting Addiction Aquatic. I’m sure I’ll check it out again on our next visit, whenever that may be.

We decided to try some of the hot springs near Taipei. On our previous visit, we ran out of time, so we were excited to try Beitou. Honestly, I’m a bit of a hot springs aficionado. My expectations are always high. We researched extensively before selecting a hot springs resort for our day trip. There are at least ten scattered in the mountains outside Taipei, so we wanted to pick wisely. Finding something family friendly (and preferably not nude) was key. Spring City Resort fit the bill. It wasn’t as luxurious as I would have liked, but there were too family pools where Lily could relax comfortably, and several additional adult pools ranging from freezing cold to boiling hot. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photographic evidence…there is a strict no camera policy.

On our last full day, we visited Taipei’s famed zoo. It is massive, and honestly in need of some renovation. However, Lily really enjoyed herself. The animals generally seemed well take care of, which is really important to a zoo adverse person like myself. The giant panda was adorable. Lily also loved the cable car ride up to the zoo…definitely one of her trip highlights.

Like our first visit, our time in Taipei seemed to evaporate in minutes instead of days. I look forward to exploring Taipei, as well as the country of Taiwan, on our next visit.