Thanks to Wow air, we recently joined the growing number of Americans who’ve explored Iceland. Our time in Iceland was short, but it was enough to see the major sights and get a feel for the lifestyle and culture.

Of course, no visit to Iceland is complete without a visit to the Blue Lagoon. I was so thrilled to discover that it wasn’t a disappointment. Was it full of tourists? Absolutely. But the water was as blue and warm as I’d imagined, and it really was a beautiful experience to soak in the geothermal waters while taking in the beautiful sights around us. Lily didn’t want to leave. We almost had to drag her out of there.

The waterfalls were incredible. Gullfloss, Seljalandsfloss, and Skogafoss were all awe-inspring. Seljalandsfloss was the most impressive to me. It’s tough, especially when it is chilly and raining like it was during our visit, but you can actually climb stairs on the side of the waterfall and view it from behind…spectacular.

Solheimakokull was also gorgeous. The walk up to it is peaceful, and it’s really cool to see a glacier up close. We also saw the Great Geysir, in the town of Geysir (guess where our word geyser comes from), which was fascinating. I’d never seen an active geyser, well, in action.

Reynisfjara Beach was more stunning than the photos. The black sand beach itself is worth seeing, especially with the powerful waves crashing. The rock formations in the water and the mountains facing the water make for an otherworldly experience. It’s definitely one of the most unique beaches I’ve seen.

There were also some great restaurants, especially in Reykjavik. I mention my favorites with the caveat that the city is crazy expensive. As in, a fast food meal is about twenty USD. A basic breakfast will run thirty USD. Iceland is pricey. The tasting menu at Fishmarket was amazing…lots of fresh fish presented in inventive ways. Our favorite restaurant was Forrettabarinn. It was so great that we had to go back twice. Their lobster soup was addictive, and definitely the best we had during our time in Iceland. They also do a great four course tasting menu. I’d go back in a second if I returned to Reykjavik.

Iceland is the kind of place that charms you before you realize what’s happening. Next time, I’ll be more prepared for the weather.