A few weeks ago feels a lifetime away. Last month I was aware of the threat of coronavirus, but had no idea the size and scope we’d be dealing with in this moment. I was in the midst of planning our big Spring Break trip, and our long weekend in Colorado seemed like a fun opportunity for a mini vacation with dear friends. I could not have imagined that it was my last plane trip for at least the next few months.

We flew from LAX to Denver, spending one night downtown since we got in so late. The next morning, after breakfast and seeing some sights turned into shopping and lunch, we made the drive to Keystone. We were so lucky that our friend Ivette selected Keystone. While I love Aspen, Keystone is the perfect place for a family winter adventure.

We took advantage of all Keystone had to offer, including skiing, ice skating, and tubing. I grew up skiing, and while I don’t get the chance to do much of it as an adult (totally my fault with ski resorts an hour from Los Angeles), it’s always a thrill to remember what it’s like to glide down a mountain. More like the bunny slope, really, since we took a group ski class with the kids. They were all incredible, and fearless…which is why I think everyone should learn how to ski when they’re young enough to be that way. Clearly, Lily was over it by the time this photo was taken.

I’ve never been the best ice skater. I’m always afraid I’m going to fall and break something. Amazingly, my husband Brandon, is light as a feather on the ice. I still had fun trying, and Lily got in some good practice. Tubing, on the other hand. I have to confess, I was terrified before going down that hill. I wanted to turn back, but our friends had already gone down. It was honestly fun though! I surprised myself and went several times (until Lily said she’d had enough, at which point I was secretly relieved).

For anyone considering Keystone for next winter, I should also mention that there are kids activities every day, a kids club, and an enormous snow fort. The kids in our group especially loved the snow fort.

It just so happened that our trip coincided with my birthday. We had a fantastic dinner at the top of the mountain. Alpenglow Stube was beautiful and cozy, but the food was the true standout. I loved the wagyu beef. Definitely worth the two gondola rides up.

It snowed nearly nonstop our last two days, which made the area feel like a real winter wonderland. We drove to nearby Breckenridge, which was straight out of a postcard. Snow covered trees with lights, adorable little shops and restaurants, the whole nine yards…

Truthfully though (and I appreciate this even more given the current situation), the best part of the trip was seeing Lily bond with the other kids. The fun they have together is eclipsed only by the love they have for each other. More than ever, I’m aware that moments like that are rare and to be treasured.

While things are uncertain now, I look forward to returning to travel (hopefully soon) and enjoying the seasons again. Until then, at least we have photos.