On our second visit to Berlin, we were able to relax and really take in the city. We’d seen all the sights, and let’s face it…we weren’t getting into any wild shenanigans with a two year old in tow. So we walked the neighborhoods and parks, with plenty of time for eating and drinking everything this great city has to offer.

First up was Thai Park. What started as a few families getting together on Sundays to cook food from their homeland is now a huge affair, packed with both locals and tourists lining up for delicious Thai food. The Tom Yum soup with pork was my favorite dish. It was so good that I almost ordered a second bowl.

Markthalle Neun was another of my favorite experiences in Berlin. Unfortunately, we missed famed Street Food Thursday, but we still had delicious lunch of potato salad with bacon (complete with a fried egg on top) and curry chicken.

I don’t know that I’ve ever discussed it on the blog, but I am borderline obsessed with Taiwanese food. After a visit to Taiwan last year, I crave it more than Chinese food, even though there are some obvious similarities. Lon Men’s Noodle House was the best Taiwanese I’ve had outside of Taiwan. The noodles and fried pork chop were beyond good.

Of course, we had to have one fancy dinner. For us, that was Restaurant Richard, recommended by our good friends in Prague. It did not disappoint. The execution was perfect, from the first glass of champagne to the cheese platter I ordered as my last course.

Berlin is nothing if not quirky. Only in Berlin could you find a massive park on the site of what used to be an airport. Tempelhofer Feld was filled with Berlin residents running, playing games, and grilling Sunday meals. There was even a beer garden, which we enjoyed. Seeing the old abandoned airport was a bit sobering, in light of the Hitler-era history. Even more sobering was seeing the refugees housed in a secluded area of the park. Tempelhofer was worth a visit, nonetheless.

Like my first visit, Berlin left me wanting more. Until next time…