The great thing about living in Southern California is our proximity to so many weekend escape destinations. Before our trip last month, we’d never actually visited Big Bear. The mountain town turned out to be perfect for a socially distanced family getaway.

The highlight was definitely our boat ride on the lake…even though it started pouring rain halfway through our hour rental. It was worth the laughs and the memories. The fact that we were enjoying sparkling wine and a delicious lunch probably helped. My husband Brandon did an impressive job steering the boat. I only played captain for five minutes. I prefer being a boat passenger. Big Bear Marina made our boat rental quick and easy. I highly recommend booking through them.

Our little cabin had a jacuzzi and a gorgeous view. We were a ten minute walk from beautiful Boulder Bay Park, which is especially tranquil in the mornings.

There’s lots of great hiking around Big Bear. We went with Castle Rock Trail, which was relatively easy. Lily was happy to do the hike. Everyone had fun, although my baby nephew was displeased when Lily decided to wake him up mid-hike.

Of course, we had to spend an afternoon on the lake. Lily and I lounged while Brandon waded in the lake. We were lucky to have amazing weather for the duration of our visit.

I’m happy we made the trip over the summer. We’ll have to try Big Bear again in the winter, to check out the snow sports. I can’t believe it’s already almost October. It will be ski and snowboard season soon. I can’t wait.