About Yolanda Felton

Yolanda has been blogging about travel since 2012. Her passion for travel started when she got her first passport at 17. She’s been endlessly planning her next adventure since. Yolanda’s current country count is 65, and she’s lived in six U.S. cities. Other than being a mom, Yolanda believes her purpose in life is to eat good food and drink great wine.

Yolanda is based in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and daughter. She studied political science at Spelman College and attended law school at Louisiana State University. In a former life, Yolanda was a practicing attorney, with a concentration in labor and employment. She currently runs her own real estate brokerage, and occasionally appears on TV and in films. Follow eatdrinktravelmom on Instagram for more. Yolanda’s first children’s book about her family’s trip around the world, The Parisian Bunny Caper, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. To purchase the book directly or inquire about signed copies, please message Yolanda directly.