New Year’s in Cartagena is a big deal. There are amazing parties throughout the city to choose from. Or, one can party like a true local, in the cobblestone streets. The Sofitel Santa Clara, in a prime Old City location, and said to be the perfect location to view the fireworks after midnight, is where my husband and I rang in 2015.


The decor was stunning. The atmosphere was very festive, with dancers adorned in costume and music galore. The food was ok…there were lots of stations, but nothing was really special. I did appreciate the cotton candy station.
At midnight, we were encouraged to partake in the tradition of eating twelve grapes, for good luck in the new year. Then the fireworks began. From where we were, they were spectacular. Overall, it was a beautiful night. The party went until dawn. We made it until 3:00, which I thought was pretty impressive.
Guess who ended up in a Colombian newspaper? Yes, your EDT Girl. I was photographed with my husband and our table mates (and new friends), and found out that it actually made the paper. That is what I call a good party.

On to ringing in 2016…I’ll have to find something to top this night.