Florence is a special place. I recently returned, after fourteen years. Thankfully, it was just as stunning as I’d remembered. Hot…but gorgeous nonetheless.
Obviously, Florentine food is amazing. My favorite was Gesto. Outside the touristy center and across the bridge, I felt like I was back on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Writing your order on a chalkboard felt creative, not contrived. I had the best salmon tartare, as well as yummy meatballs and veal. The cheesecake was perfect and not too sweet.
Speaking of sweet…my favorite gelato was at Eduardo. I tasted a few flavors and liked them all, but the red wine sorbet was the real standout. It was just like red wine–the perfect summer treat for a wine lover like myself.
I also loved Procacci, a cute little champagne bar and gourmet shop located near the Piazza della Repubblica. My husband Brandon and I had Siberian caviar with buttered toast points…delicious! The prosecco was nice and refreshing, especially on a sweltering summer day.
While in Tuscany, Brandon and I renewed our wedding vows at a villa on the outskirts of Florence (ten years married and fifteen years together, which of course means I was a child bride). Tuscany provided the ultimate backdrop. It was the perfect way to end our time in Italy.



I plan to return soon…I’m definitely not letting another fourteen years pass! Until then, I’ll have plenty of great Tuscan memories.