There are a lot of places that have been described as the most beautiful in the world. After finally visiting Bariloche, in the Patagonia region of Argentina, I’m sure there is only one real contender. Imagine the most beautiful place you’ve seen. Bariloche is ten times more beautiful, I promise you. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit over 50 countries, and I’ve seen some mind-boggling, gorgeous places. In my mind, nothing compares to Bariloche. I still can’t believe it took five visits to Argentina to finally make it there!



The best thing to do in the area is simply take in the staggering view. I suggest doing this at the Patagonia Beer Company. You can sit outside and sip great beer, with some of the most amazing views around.
Like in the rest of Argentina, the food in Bariloche is phenomenal. El Boliche de Alberto had some of the best steaks. However, they are really famous for their chocolate. The chocolates and hot chocolate at world famous Rapa Nui were addictive. I had to get the hot chocolate a second time before flying out.


I can say with confidence that I will never again skip Bariloche. It is heaven on earth, with chocolate to match.