Shanghai is now one of my absolute favorite cities. It captivates the senses in every way imaginable. We stayed at the historic Fairmont Peace Hotel, which was a great base with serious views. Their legendary jazz club is an old-school must visit. Shanghai is a unique mix of old and new…ancient temples and dizzying skyscrapers, modern fashion and classic handicrafts.



The food was as mind-blowing as I expected. Huanghe food street had some of the best dishes in the city. Sizzling prawns was one of my favorite.
Another culinary highlight was Shouning Lu, or Crawfish Street. Yes, Crawfish Street. It is literally filled with restaurants selling boiled crawfish. I felt like I was back in Louisiana. It was a lively area, and the crawfish was delicious.


Taikang Road was worth a visit for shops and restaurants, including some amazing fruit-infused tea. I picked up some great artisan pieces.
My only complaint about Shanghai is that five days wasn’t enough to truly explore this special place. It’s definitely on my list of places I need to revisit in the near future.