Hi, I’m Yolanda!

I’ve been blogging about travel since 2012. My passion for travel started when I got my first passport at 17. I’ve been endlessly planning my next adventure since. My current country count is 58, and I’ve lived in six U.S. cities. Other than being a mom, I believe my purpose in life is to eat good food and drink great wine.


Korean Spring

After kicking off Spring Break in Thailand, we spent ten days in Korea. While we have friends in Seoul and have visited most of South Korea, having the opportunity to visit the countryside where our dear friend’s parents live proved to be a once in a lifetime authentic travel experience.

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Bulgarian Summer

Bulgaria wasn’t on my list before my first visit. I unexpectedly fell in love with it. Bulgaria is bursting with culture and on the cusp of becoming a huge travel destination.

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Blanc en Paris

After fifteen years away, my recent trip to Paris allowed me to fall in love with the city all over again. I definitely won’t wait that long before my next Parisian adventure.

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Our Next Adventure: Disney by Sea and NOLA

Spring Break in Asia was fantastic. Next month, we have two adventures to look forward to. We’ll be taking a Disney Cruise to Mexico, and spending a week in my husband’s hometown of New Orleans. Needless to say, both will involve a lot of eating and drinking…


I can’t wait to share our experiences! Stay tuned.